Data protection for citizens – H2020 Project “Visual Privacy Management in User Centric Open Environments”

Data protection for citizens: A simple and interactive tool for European citizens to manage and protect their data


  • The Problem

– More and more personal and sensitive data is stored, shared and manipulated at technical level

– Individuals and organisations appropriate measures to ensure privacy of their information

– The protection of privacy has become crucial for organisations in order to maintain a high standard of services and retain competitive advantage

– The new EU Regulation on data privacy (GDPR) forces organisations to manage data in a specific way with regards to privacy

– The citizens haven’t information on how their data stored and managed

– Low citizens’ confidence and trust towards provided by Public Administrations


  • The VPP solution

– Organisations’ information should be developed and operate in a way that transparency of citizens’ data sharing

– We have developed a novel platform that enables privacy analysis for citizens and Public Administration e-services

– VisiOn Privacy Platform aims to increase citizens confidence in the Public Administrations’ e-services, allowing them to set their privacy preferences

– VisiOn Privacy Platform stimulates and helps citizens to consider privacy and data protection in a proactive manner

– VisiOn Privacy Platform contribute to increase of transparency and accountability of Public Administrations, with regards to processing and sharing data

– VisiOn Privacy Platform supports a way for a clear visualisation of privacy preferences, and insights of the value of data, supporting decision making with regards whether data should be shared


  • The VisiOn Privacy Platform

– Privacy Visualisation Component which acts as the main interface between the citizens or PA-users and the platform, provide the visualisation of the analysis results of the whole framework

– Privacy Requirements Component analyses and models aspects related to the citizen and PA privacy requirements

– Privacy Assessment is responsible for the elicitation of the user privacy needs and the transformation of needs to input for the rest of the components

– Privacy Specification defines the specification of a Privacy Level Agreement (PLA) and provides indication of the data value

– Privacy Run-time Component provides functionality for compliance, monitoring and enforcement of PLAs




The strength of the VisiOn Consortium is the involvement of leading industrial partners in their sectors, internationally recognized research centres and relevant public administrations at European level, together with organizations in the public health services area. The result is a complete and balanced consortium, with expertise in the field of research, communication and information security, skills that are complementary to each other.

There is also a geographical balance, since five Member States are represented (Italy, Greece, Germany, Spain, and UK). In addition, thanks to the commercial and academic network of partners the geographical area of potential market for the project results could be extended beyond the E.U. borders.

The coordination of the project is ensured by the Italian company Business-e.

The VisiOn project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 653642.