The Hub of Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Technopolis City of Athens:

  • was launched in May 2014, after the transformation of an old Gasholder into a fully operational, highly equipped, vibrant, open space
  • is a collaboration of Technopolis with Athens Σynergies, 6 entrepreneurial associations listing more than 350 of the most innovative and extroverted business of Athens
  • is sponsored financially & supported technologically by Samsung Electronics Hellas
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Sited sited

Inside Technopolis City of Athens, the most recognizable place of Athens with more than 900.000 visitors per year.

A historical old gas deposit has been transformed, from scratch into a modern, well equipped space and is functioning as an integrated center for the networking, knowledge and experience exchange between enterprises, research institutions and young people of the city of Athens, and beyond.






The objectives of INNOVATHENS

The key objectives of INNOVATHENS seek to:

- Create sustainable technical and organizational preconditions (physical and digital space) to attract innovative ideas and new groups or entrepreneurs

- Provide open innovation services of high added value to the start-up community

- Encourage joint projects promoting the diversification economic activity with the exploitation of ICT solutions

- Network with ecosystems, funding opportunities within and outside Greece, capacity building


Addressed audience

  • Young people of the City of Athens, and beyond, who have the ambition to create an innovative enterprise
  • Individuals and/or working groups, which already have dared their first entrepreneural attempts
  • Groups of students and/or graduates with creative new ideas who intent to tranform them to sustainable businesses
  • Enterprises being in the establishing phase
  • Innovative enterprises wanting to develop their business model and enter the global market



In 2 years, INNOVATHENS has been established as the centre for tech-transfer, where young entrepreneurs and creative people can effectively mingle with experienced businessmen, academics and researchers, for the entrepreneurial ecosystem to flourish and develop.

The project is realized in 2 phases:

  • diffusion, networking & in-service training actions
  • systematic and tailor-made training & consulting in schemes participating in the “business accelerator” unit

more than 104.000 visitors in festivals and actions of dissemination, publicity and educational interest:

50% aged 25-40, wanting to start their own business

80% highly educated

> 4.500 received certified knowledge from institutions like the British council, People for Business, Google, RC ATHENA, NTUA, AUEB etc

> 120 presented their new ideas to investors and future partners

> 8.000 kids creatively familiarized with technology & science  

54 entrepreneurial schemes in the 3-month Business Accelerator program:

  • Picture5systematic & individual identification of needs
  • seminars and consultation in all domains of entrepreneurship
  • intensive mentoring & coaching


more than 500 events targeting

  • Education & training:

> 260 workshops for the development of soft & technical skills:

preparing a resume, mobile services, web applications, 3D printing, ao

  • Networking & exchange of good practices and ideas:

> 240 talks, colloquia & congresses about open software, data privacy,

mobile applications, bio-technology, GIS, culture digitization etc

  • Development, on-site, of new, innovative solutions:

10 Hackathons

4 Competitions in ICT & creative industries

5 large-scale festivalsPicture7