These are actions of INNOVATHENS aiming to provide you with information on what happens now in the area of innovative entrepreneurship in Athens and to help you get acquainted with the actual leading players in the said ecosystem. These events are structured around the following themes:


During this course, foreign specialists refer to their experience in innovation and entrepreneurship issues in their country.


Highly experienced entrepreneurs from diverse innovative areas present their company, its achievements as well as the challenges faced throughout their professional career, and illustrate to young people that starting up a business through innovation is absolutely feasible.


In INNOVATHENS you can perceive the overall picture of activities of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem flourishing in the city and you can also learn, discuss and draw conclusions from the presentation of optimum practices developed in Greece and other countries.


INNOVATHENS offers a consistent forum for the presentation of new ideas and it is the ideal place for the development of new plans with a view to fleshing out the enterprise ideas.


The training and support/empowerment programs provided by INNOVATHENS involve:

The development of technical skills: Specialist trainers on the part of the hub’s strategic partners, i.e. Samsung and the members of the collaborating associations, as well as top level experts, associates of INNOVATHENS, provide training courses and seminars relating to the development of software applications and/or the support and maintenance of IT and telecom products.

Special skills required for the multifarious development of an enterprise: INNOVATHENS, in collaboration with university institutions, business associations, research centres and consulting firms, organises and provides seminar courses, free of charge, on subjects such as: Business Development, Marketing, strengthening business extroversion, strategic planning, activity diversification, creation or inclusion in business networks, recruiting qualified staff.

Meanwhile INNOVATHENS provides training courses intended to help unemployed people develop personal skills and find a job, or already employed executives advance in their career: presentation of personal profile, negotiating skills, building cooperative spirit, development of leading skillsetc.


In the context of the Business Accelerator, INNOVATHENS provides specialised and customised services to new, under formation or already operating enterprises to help them mature, get back on their feet or transform their business model. These services include the provision of knowledge and advice on a number of topics such as::

  • financial management
  • preparation of business plans
  • accounting support
  • marketing
  • exports
  • legal protection and safeguarding of intellectual property rights
  • search and sourcing techniques for necessary financing
  • use of new telecom and IT technologies in the development, sophistication and promotion of innovative products and services


If you are unemployed, come to the career days organised by INNOVATHENS to find out what innovative enterprises look for in order to develop or promote their products and services. Meanwhile you will have the opportunity to meet people who share the same concerns and problems, and new entrepreneurs who are likely looking for persons with your qualifications.

If you are an entrepreneur, INNOVATHENS career days will offer you the opportunity to communicate your idea or promote your product. You may find the right associate (partner, developer or marketeer) you are looking for.


INNOVATHENS occasionally hosts themed innovation exhibitions where we can see the modern achievements of new innovative Greek enterprises that have gone beyond Greek boundaries and have already conquered foreign markets.


INNOVATHENS can organise missions abroad with the participation of business groups, mainly those that have excelled during the stage of inclusion in the business accelerator. The objective of such missions is to help participants get acquainted with similar ventures abroad, come into contact with developed environments in which new enterprises can grow and become stronger and meet business angels, venture capitals and/or funds with which special meetings will be sought.


NNOVATHENS innovation festivals mainly present products or services offered by companies as well as business schemes, research centres, academic and technical institutions of Greece and other countries. Festivals culminate in the competition and awarding of the most promising ideas, proposals or plans, as well as original or mature innovative products.