Γιώργος Γιαννακέας

With a strong background in SEO, SEM, Analytics and Mobile, I am currently looking into Loyalty, CRO and CRM while trying to make teams work more efficiently.

Startupper at heart with a hands on approach influenced by agile and lean thinking.
Over the past 10 years I have designed and executed digital marketing plans in mobile, travel, e-commerce, food, fashion and health care, consulting companies on how they can build an effective digital strategy using the integration of content, search, social, video, and mobile platforms.

During my career I have been investigating how mobile is disrupting most established business models, focusing on mobile advertising, loyalty schemes, payments and m-commerce.

I have been Involved in product development of several websites & apps and I enjoy studying how people interact with technology.

I have organizing Startup Weekend University in Athens as well as London Startup Weekend where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out in an intense weekend if their startup ideas are viable.

As an adjunct professor at Panteion University of Social Sciences, I designed and taught a course that focuses on inbound and mobile marketing while at the same time aims at introducing students to entrepreneurship and startup culture.



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