Jacques-Henri Coste

Jacques-Henri Coste is associate professor of Political Economy and American Studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III University, France and senior research fellow at the CERVEPAS, Research Centre on the Anglo-American Economies. He is director of the Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle B.A. program (ACE) in international business studies. A member of the French Academy of entrepreneurship, he serves on the editorial board of Entreprendre and Innover, the sole French quarterly journal destined both to academics and practitioners that he contributed to found with its editors-in chief Alain Fayolle and Alain Surlemont. He conducts research on the socioeconomic role of business enterprise and the impact of entrepreneurship on society both in North America and Europe and is involved in theoretical but also more experiential and contextualized action-research notably in the field of entrepreneurship education. In 2013, he edited “Les sociétés entrepreneuriales”, a book published at the Sorbonne Nouvelle Press that explores the socio-cultural dimension of entrepreneurship and its changing models in the English-speaking World. He has organized several conferences on entrepreneurship and innovation models: the first on “Perspectives of Entrepreneurship: Cultures and Contexts» held at the Business School of Aberdeen in 2007, a workshop on “International entrepreneurship” in Samos with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, an international conference on “Entrepreneurial Societies and the English-speaking World’ in 2010 at the Sorbonne. He has also co-organized an international conference on the “Health and Wealth of US Capitalism, A Critical Condition?” at the Paris Institute of the Americas in 2012 whose book entitled «The Crisis and Renewal of American Capitalism» is forthcoming at Routledge in 2015.



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