The full list of service providers helping Greek startups

As capital controls continue to be enforced across Greece, the country’s startups are continuing to struggle to stay afloat due to being unable to make what are considered international payments to their services providers. Despite the best efforts of the Bugsense founders” voluntary effort to cover these payments, there are still Greek startups that are scrambling to ensure the services they rely on to keep their businesses running remain up.

Some service providers are being more sympathetic than others to the situation that Greek startups currently find themselves in, and have shown understanding by extending payment terms and not discontinuing services.

A crowdsourced list of those service providers that are “showing solidarity” to Greek startups is currently being sourced on Facebook, led by Nikos Anagnostou, founder and CEO of Discoveroom.

The list is constantly being updated, with service provider’s official statuses, and currently looks like this:

Amazon AWS: Extension without specifics.

Atlassian: Three months credit.

CapsuleCRM: Grace period until September.

Cloudflare: They’ve promised to help, but no specifics as of yet.

Digital Ocean: They’re still billing but not suspending in case of non-payment.

EuroVPS: Extending upon request.

Freshdesk: They’ve promised to help as long as it takes.

Google Adwords: They’ve promised to support without giving specifics.

Google Drive: They’ve provided an extension until August 1st.

Heroku: They’re providing a 30-day grace period.

Mediatemple: They’re providing a grace period of 30 days to the accounts of all customers currently residing in Greece, which will remain in effect until 1 August.

Microsoft Azure: They’re giving extension upon request (= support ticket)

miniVPS: They’re letting services stay up and running while stopping automated payments from PayPal for problem avoidance. They are also allowing for a two-month grace period.

Sendgrid: They’ll extend the payment term, no specified end given.

Workable: Payment holiday until September.

There are also services that don’t appear to be as sympathetic of the current situation and they include:

Adobe: No extension.

Perfect Audience: Suspending campaigns.

Upwork: Suspending accounts.

As for Facebook, they appear to be pretty ambivalent, as they’re freezing campaigns but not taking any action for collection of outstanding amounts.

The crowdsourced list will continue to be updated as service providers continue to give their official stance (and possibly change them), and I’ll continue to update this post as and when these changes happen.